Scents of Place

We have all been there: being taking back to a place and time by a whiff of a random smell.

What if the scent takes you somewhere you have never been, yet feels strangely familiar?

This bespoke candle was designed with the question in mind: creating a scent that would tell a unique story, transporting one to a new place. The sight of a teapot remind one of the obvious, tea. Except what is inside the teapot are numerous wax beads which, when lit, release a scent that takes you all the way back to the farm where the tea leaves were picked. From the scent you could feel the sun warming the plant, the soil that supports it; and it swaying in the breeze, waiting to be picked.



Material: Wax + Bespoke Perfume

Dimension: (H) 13cm (W) 22cm (D) 14cm (Weight) 0.5kg

Made to Order: 2 weeks