Studio Story
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Who we are

Studio Story is a contemporary design studio based in London. Established in 2018 by Susan Li and Tommy Kan who was an Architect + Architectural Designer. They graduated from the Architectural Association School of Architecture and the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Over years they developed interest in artistic design and specialise in experimental approach to products, installations and graphics by combining unconventional materials. 

Born in Hong Kong, both Susan and Tommy have subsequently spent a large part of their formative years living in the UK. They have always been interested in the everyday object. Through living and travelling abroad, they have experienced the amazing diversity the world has, and has inspired their work.

'We believe that designs are not just beautiful objects, but should be something that reflects on and questions the way we experience the world, much like art. We sculpt the seemingly ordinary into creations of enjoyable experiences.’ - Susan & Tommy

Past Events:

Finalist- The Design Museum Design Residence, Kensington, London

Exhibition at the London Design Fair 2019, The Old Truman Brewery, London

Our Approach

Studio Story is an experimental design practice focuses on the relationship between everyday objects and human behaviour. With a mind to read and question the cultural and social phenomenon of the combination of materials + objects, we find daily spatial encounter inspires much of our work.

Our products focus on the creation of new materials and craft techniques. The creation of alternate narratives to question the paradigm through design, a tool that is powerful to lead us think and behave differently with new objects.