Slow Shoes

The Slow Collection examines the idea of an alternative lifestyle to co exist in the city, where competition, and the interaction with other people shape our perception of time in our surrounding environment. The Slow Shoes explore if fashion and furniture, which have evolved from extension of our body can be used to influence an alternative paradigm of how we live in the city. Using architectural material to inspire and shape fashion, concrete is often viewed as aggressive, and often ruthless lifestyle typical of most people. The Slow Shoes highlights the importance deviance as a way to investigate paradigm shift in design and to invite user to walk slowly and experience their immediate surrounding in a more delicate way.



Material: Grey Cement + Grey Gravel

Dimension: (H)15.5cm (W) 61cm (D) 21cm (Weight) 32kg

Made to Order: 4 weeks

Walking in concrte shoes.JPG